Cover Glass

Delivering Durability Outdoor Glass

A "Cover-Glass" to protect the Display and Touchscreen

Since capacitive touchscreens are high light transmittance and visibility, they tend to be used in environments touched by unspecified number of people, commercial and industrial equipment, sites where they are exposed to light, dust, shock, and water. Bonding with cover glass offering break resistance, scratch resistance and flexibility, making them ideal for reinforcing LCD displays.




Core Technology

Improving durability

By adopting thicker glass such as 10mm or strengthened glass, we can provide a touchscreen with high durability against external violence.

Surface treatment

Anti-Glare Etched Glass

Anti-Reflective Glass

Chemical Toughening

Anti-Bacterial Protection

3D Coverglass

It is possible to achieve three-dimensional shapes such as a convex circular display
A different dimension to your coverglass
Achieved using glass, polycarbonate or acrylic (PMMA)
Touch functionality possible

Resistance of Glasses

Chemical stability is to be understood as the resistance of the glass surface to chemical attack by defined agents, whereby temperature, exposure time, and the condition of the glass surface play important roles.

Hidden tell-tale Icons

A surface coating with excellent oil and water resistant properties, commonly applied in conjunction with a touchscreen to reduce finger print marks left from display operation.

True Black solution

Display appears all black solution when switched off Stylish, modern look and feel to any device Backlight tuned for optimum clarity.

Oversized Coverglass

Extendng the coverlens beyond the display enables additional functionality and larger panel look.
Allows for additional touch functionality
Add peripherals such as RF sensors for point of payment
Extra space for logos and printing

Technology support

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