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Harsh Marine Environments

Marine technology demands rigorous specifications and requirements. Our marine-grade monitors offer IP rated touchscreen designs, sunlight readability, dimming capabilities and more.

Marine Display Challengers

Sea water is corrosive and needs to be kept well away from the internal electronics. At the same time, devices get exposed to extremes of heat and cold. The display needs to be easily and quickly readable to users in bright sunlight or complete darkness.

Exposure to water

It can damage the display's electronics and cause it to malfunction.

Extreme temperatures

Marine displays must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low.

Solar damage

It can damage the display's electronics and cause it to malfunction.

Compatibility with marine electronic

Marine displays need to be compatible with a range of marine electronics, such as GPS, radar, and sonar systems.


Thermal management needs to be carefully considered with a display that is likely to be exposed to the sun. A marine or other outdoor system needs to be sealed to IP66.

. Extreme UV, solar

. Extreme temperature ranges

. Exposure to Salt-water, Humidity
. Touch with gloved hands

. Regardless of rain, dust and dirt build-up

High Brightness

UV Resistive

IP Grade

Waterproof touch

Innovative Technologies And Learning

Value Add

New showcase 58.6 inch display provide detailed navigational charts and maps, making it easier to navigate unfamiliar waters. They also offer features such as auto-routing and real-time traffic updates, making navigation more efficient. Ultra Wide displays offer entertainment and connectivity features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, streaming music, and video, making boating and sailing more enjoyable.


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