Surgery Begins With A Clear View


A surgical display LCD screen is a specialized display designed for surgical settings, with features such as high brightness, anti-reflective coatings, and compatibility with surgical equipment and sterilization procedures.

Medical Display Challengers

Maintaining accurate color representation, ensuring high image quality and resolution, addressing compatibility with various medical imaging systems, and adhering to stringent regulatory standards for medical device safety and performance.

Viewing angle

The surgeon needs to be able to see the medical images clearly from their position at the operating table, but the display screen may be positioned in a way that makes it difficult to view at certain angles.

Image quality

The quality of the images can be compromised by factors such as poor lighting, reflections, or low-quality display screens.


Reflection can be a significant challenge for surgery displays, as it can interfere with the surgeon's ability to see the medical images clearly.

Anti-Bacterial Sterilization

During surgery, all equipment and surfaces must be kept sterile to prevent the spread of infection. This can be challenging with display screens, which may not be designed to withstand the harsh cleaning agents used in surgical settings.


We understand cleanliness and touchless are critical within the medical market, as is product robustness, this solution was implemented and is now part of the final design.
Our optical bonding solution can improve light leakage from LCD panel, enhance contact ration The adhesive is completely transparent, the structure and color of the adhesive will not transform through the use of time.



EMC Proof


Innovative Technologies And Learning

What is DICOM

DICOM, or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, is a standard protocol used in the medical field for the transmission, storage, and sharing of medical images and related information, ensuring compatibility and interoperability among different medical imaging devices and software systems.

Medical Display Calibration

Display Calibration is the best solution in radiology, endoscopy, ultrasound, dentistry, medical surgery, microscopy, and any medical imaging application, including veterinary.


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