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Displays & Instruments

The display is exposed to high demands and therefore particularly in industrial and special purpose vehicles, it must be extremely resistant. Our sturdy solutions are quality certified and combined with the fitting field site application they provide the necessary flexibility for every type of vehicle and task.

Vehicle Display Challengers

Vehicle displays have specific requirements, such as durability, weather resistance, and visibility under various lighting conditionsthat offer vehicle displays and may be considered challengers in this space.

Weather Conditions

Outdoor vehicles are often exposed to extreme weather conditions, rough terrain, and heavy use, which means that displays need to be rugged and durable enough to withstand these conditions.

Exceptional readability

Drivers need to clearly monitor the progress of their Speedometer and this requires a user interface that is easily readable in the most adverse conditions. 

Solar radiation, UV

It can damage the display's electronics and cause it to malfunction. automotive parts and vehicles are susceptible to the damaging influences of daylight, heat, and moisture. 

Extreme Reliability

Our comprehensive automotive weathering testing Lab. help ensure that your products achieve ever longer lifetimes.
The degree of our product to which a system or component can function correctly in the presence of invalid inputs or stressful environmental conditions.


In order to experience this outdoor journey to the fullest, our display needs to be long life operation, Anti- Glare, viewed in full sunlight, meet IP66 standard, used with wet or gloved hands. With these rugged designs, you will have no worries to go on a long journey in sunny day or rainy day.
.High Brightness
.Touch with gloved hands
.Regardless of rain, dust and dirt build-up

UV Resistive

IP Grade

High thermal stability

Gloves touch

Innovative Technologies And Learning

Enriching and secure in-vehicle infotainment

Driving isn’t just about getting from point A to B anymore.  Drivers expect a total driving experience – and with good reason. They now have more features to choose from advanced graphical displays, and device connectivity alongside comfort, convenience, fuel efficiency, and safety.

Value Add

- Make sure truck drivers have every opportunity to see you by keeping their side-view mirrors within sight at all times.
- Side Warn.
- When you do pass on the road, do so as quickly and safely as possible.


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